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ICD-10-CM Code (M62.84) for Sarcopenia Announced

Effective October 01, 2016, the code M62.84 will be used by the healthcare community for sarcopenia, thus recognizing it as a distinctly reportable condition.  The AIM (A...
Practice Revenue
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Increase Your Medical Practice Revenue With These 15 Tips

Times are tough – reimbursements are declining and expenses increasing.  Keeping your practice viable in this environment requires being able to identify areas in your medical...
3 Financial Mistakes
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3 Financial Mistakes Made by Young Doctors

“Money makes the world go round” – and it can make you go round in circles too, if you make financial mistakes.  This is one part of our existence, where even age and experien...
Medical Practice Revenue
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Ancillary Services to Increase Revenue for your Medical Practice

The addition of ancillary services to your existing medical practice can help maximize profitability and serve your patients better.  Patients prefer to have the convenience o...
Stop Revenue Leaks
Revenue Cycle Management

Stop Revenue Leaks in your Medical Practice

Managing your healthcare revenue cycle is never easy.  Revenue leaks can create havoc with your organizations financial viability.  The root cause of revenue leaks a...
Florida Hospital Gains $72.5 Million due to Clinical Documentation
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Florida Hospital Gains $72.5 Million Courtesy its Clinical Documentation Improvement Program

Once an informal process that received significant attention at just a few hospitals; Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) is now the backbone of an organizations financia...
E-Prescribing Of Controlled Substances Mandatory In Maine

E-Prescribing Of Controlled Substances Now Mandatory In Maine

Drug addiction – a problem that most governments across the world are fighting to control, has not only become a major cause of death for the addicts, but is also responsible ...
Why you need a CDS System

Why you need a CDS System designed for ICD-10

The main reason for the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 was greater documentation precision.  However, if the diagnostics is documented by clinicians at a lower level tha...
Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Terms
Revenue Cycle Management

5 Commonly Used Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Terms

One of the key components for healthcare providers and facilities, healthcare revenue cycle management can be intimidating and confusing for a lot of people.  Statutory r...