MedConverge Maternal fetal medical billing 07-27-18
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Maternal – Fetal Medicine Billing and CPT Codes

Tremendous advances have been made in healthcare during pregnancy and child birth. From basic check-ups to advanced screenings, obstetrical procedures strive to ensure the saf...
MedConverge ICD 10 Coding and Documentation for Dermatology 07-10-18
ICD-10 Medical Coding

ICD 10 Coding and Documentation for Dermatology

Clinical documentation has been around for centuries. There are records from the 18th and 19th centuries that show the detailed observation and findings recorded by doctors of...
ICD 10 vs ICD 9_MedConverge 07-03-18
Medical Coding

The Difference between ICD 9 and ICD 10 Codes

ICD 9 codes were replaced by ICD 10 on October 01, 2015 as they had some inherent issues which were addressed and rectified in ICD 10. However, it is important to understand t...
Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Coding Services_MedConverge 05-18-18
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Key Differences Between Inpatient Coding and Outpatient Coding

One of the most important considerations during the medical billing and coding process is to choose whether the patient is an inpatient or an outpatient.  Based on the ch...
HCC Coding Tips
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What is HCC Coding/What does HCC Stand for?

HCC scores have been used since 2004 by Medicare to adjust payments based on the risk level of the enrollee. This has resulted in Medicare paying a higher monthly capitation f...
HCPCS coding
HCPCS Coding Medical Coding

A Brief Overview of HCPCS Coding

HCPCS Stands for HCPCS stands for Healthcare common Procedure Coding System, and is a standardized set of code that is used extensively by healthcare professionals and insuran...
Certified Professional Coders
CPC Coding Medical Coding

The dire need for Certified Professional Coders (CPC)

Medicine has transcended from being a profession that focuses solely on curing patients to multi-billion dollar commerce. Physicians and hospitals have been forced to amend th...
HCC Guidelines
Medical Coding

The Importance of Adhering to HCC Guidelines

The Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) was developed and implemented by The Centers for Medicate and Medicaid (CMS) in order to create a risk adjustment methodology to pr...
CCC coding
CCC Coding Medical Coding

Are you prepared for CCC coding in 2017?

Dealing with medical bills is one of the leading concerns of physicians and health care professionals. Attempting to deal with such complex and ever changing medical billing a...
Understanding CPT
CPT Coding Medical Coding

Understanding CPT

CPT is short for Current Procedural Terminology, and is a set of medical codes that defines a slew of medical related procedures and services to physicians, health insurance c...