Billing for infectious diseases can be quite tricky even for experienced billers. However, most practices ignore this innate need for specialized billing services and rely on their overworked internal billing department, which often results in dismissed claims and thus additional paper work.

We employ resourceful and experienced billers who are proficient in using professional grade Current Procedural Terminology coding tools with updated coding parameters. This ensures quick and efficient billing services that conform to the changing rules and requirements with relative ease.

Following these guidelines will ensure that your patient bills are in good order, thus making it easier to file for claims. This will also reduce the turnaround time thus ensuring that you get your dues in time.

Our full range of infectious diseases billings services encompasses various aspects including-

  • Making sure that the complex procedures and care provided is reflected effectively in the coding of services which will ease your reimbursement. Complex infections require multiple solutions and treatment methods that need to be accurately monitored and recorded.
  • Assistance in securing payments and reimbursements in a timely fashion. Our experience enables us to do reliable follow ups and communication with the necessary bodies.
  • We make sure to protect patient privacy, thus reducing security breaches.