Billing for the Emergency Department comes with its own set of challenges. Chaotic, high-volume and fast-paced; emergency medicine includes diagnostic testing and multi-specialty services. Medical Documentation has to be precise, and accurate coding and billing is imperative.

MedConverge has extensive experience with Emergency Department Billing including assistance with correct documentation and coding, compliance and audits, a robust appeals process, etc. Our team of medical billing experts and certified coders will manage all aspects of your Emergency Department Billing to ensure you receive proper compensation for all services rendered.

The MedConverge Advantage:

  1. A team of experienced, certified medical coders with in-depth knowledge of hospital/inpatient coding, payer specific coding, CPT, ICD-10-CM, ICD-9-CM, & APC coding for emergency room services
  2. Clinical Documentation Training
  3. Coding Audits and Compliance Reviews
  4. Detailed AR Analysis and Reporting
  5. Comprehensive Practice Management Solutions, should you need them

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