Dermatology medical billing

Dermatology is a complex field and requires progressive education to ensure accurate and timely reimbursements. From simple lesion removals to complex skin grafts, dermatology medical billers face unique challenges in the struggle to keep practice revenue flowing. Not billing a repair code or billing the wrong repair code could cost your practice.

From ensuring every allergen is counted to avoiding scratch and patch test underpayments, our core team of medical billing specialists is well-versed in ICD-10, ICD-9, CPT and HCPCS coding systems specific to dermatology, and have high proficiency in medical terminology, skin disease processes and pharmacology.

We have more detailed information on what is required to get medical billing and coding specialization in dermatology.

Our accredited and specialized medical billing team is experienced and well versed with ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes. Our dermatology medical billing service doesn’t stop with just billing and coding – we also stay abreast of all policy changes and ensure that you receive the reimbursement you truly deserve.

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