Orthopedic Billing

Orthopedics are a large focus within many health care institutions and having reliable orthopedic medical billing procedures is necessary for collecting payment. Having the right systems and working with the right administrators can improve your revenue cycle by ensuring error-free EMRs and faster approvals from insurers.

We understand that orthopedic practitioners – like most health care providers – find medical billing a tedious task that can take valuable time away from helping patients. Consider outsourcing these tasks to a professional billing service provider that stays updated on CPTs and ICD-10, knows insurer preferences, and integrates seamlessly into your system.

Orthopedic Billing & Coding Service

Orthopedics is a naturally broad practice area, which is a complexity that can lead to difficulties in correctly classifying conditions and treatment for medical billing. The practice involves all conditions, orthopedic surgeries, and medical services related to the musculoskeletal system (i.e., bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, etc.). A host of billing issues in orthopedics can lead to claim delays and denials such as:

  • Incomplete entry of patient demographics
  • Authorization errors
  • Confusion with insurance preferences and deadlines
  • Other errors that weaken revenue collection and cash flow

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The benefit of partnering with us to handle your medical billing processes is a one stop shop medical billing company that does the following:

  • Revenue Cycle Management – We collect all patient information to process insurance claims, determine copays, and bill uncovered balances
  • Follow-up services for collecting accounts receivable
  • Clinical documentation services to improve the quality of EMRs and other documents
  • Our billing team helps you enroll and receive credentialing for important services like Medicare, Medicaid, CAQH registration, and EFT/ERA enrollment
  • CPC, CPMSM, and CPCS certified
  • MACRA and MIPS reporting

Accurate, Compliant, and Modern Medical Billing Technology

Our professional orthopedic billing experts’ goal is to reduce the number of claim denials and increase the number of reimbursements your office receives. We believe technology can make billing procedures fast, detailed, and overall effective.

Best Practices for Orthopedic Billing & Coding

Certain best practices for orthopedic medical billing can greatly improve the efficiency and revenue cycle for practitioners. We continually monitor for changes to these practices to help practitioners stay current with medical organizations and the insurers who rely on their classification systems:

  • Specificity (i.e., properly documenting the site of occurrence, the laterality, and other details about the patient’s orthopedic condition).
  • Having custom billing procedures to meet the unique demands of insurance providers.

We have expertise several key orthopedic practices:

  • Foot and ankle surgery
  • Hip and knee surgery
  • Shoulder and elbow surgery
  • Trauma surgery
  • General orthopedics


We appreciate that outsourcing your medical billing team is a big decision that requires careful integration of systems. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with our team to get answers about how our systems can integrate smoothly into your practice.

MedConverge’s Advantage

The advantage we give you is a billing team specialized in orthopedic practices. Our team knows how to document your practices for fewer claim denials and increased revenues.

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