Gastroenterology billing services

Gastroenterology Billing Services

Gastroenterology is a specialized medical field requiring professional grade billing services to ensure timely and accurate bill generation. This is aimed at reducing claim denials due to improper documentation and other discrepancies. For instance, only a gastroenterology coder would be aware of the fact that a colonoscopy bill also accommodates advancement beyond the splenic fixture. Failure to include this will render the claim ineffective, thus delaying your reimbursement.

With experienced coders on our teams, we are able to offer a plethora of services, which include but are not limited to ICD-10, CPT & HCPCS coding, denial management, electronic claims submissions, collections, payment posting and follow ups on all claims. All our professionals are highly proficient in their relevant medical fields, thus ensuring that there are no mistakes in the documenting and billing process.

We emphasize on hiring professionals with relevant experience and certifications, assuring you of world class services at all times. We are also aware that the field of medical billing is ever changing, and we always keep abreast of any new changes and adapt ourselves to stay updated with the latest norms and policy changes.

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