Nephrology Billing

Most doctors and medical specialists find themselves in the industry because of their love for science and helping patients. For nephrologists, administrative tasks like nephrology medical billing can distract from more important goals. While distracting, proper medical billing is what prevents claim denials from insurance companies for positive revenue cycles.

Certain specialty fields, such as nephrology, demand even greater billing experts because of the complexities of accurately documenting conditions and services. We believe doctors and their patients can largely benefit from outsourcing their medical billing services to teams equipped with the knowledge, technology, and systems to administer the best practices.

Nephrology Medical Billing & Coding Services John Creek, GA

Nephrology medical billing and coding centers around services related to the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to kidneys. This practice of medicine generally involves common issues such as:

  • Kidney disease
  • Kidney stones
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Renal failure and its stages
  • Working with dialysis patients
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Kidney transplants

Often, diseases affecting the kidneys are the result of other medical conditions that your patient’s primary care physician is handling. When it comes to nephrology medical billing, this concept is important for obtaining proper authorizations to receive insurance approval. Provider contracting services can be a useful way to manage the nuanced issues of nephrology practices.

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The benefit of partnering with us to handle your medical billing processes is a one stop shop medical billing company that does the following:

  • Revenue Cycle Management – We collect all patient information to process insurance claims, determine copays, and bill uncovered balances
  • Follow-up services for collecting accounts receivable
  • Clinical documentation services to improve the quality of EMRs and other documents
  • Our billing team helps you enroll and receive credentialing for important services like Medicare, Medicaid, CAQH registration, and EFT/ERA enrollment
  • CPC, CPMSM, and CPCS certified
  • MACRA and MIPS reporting

Don’t Let Variety Bog Your Billing Team Down

The different procedural options in nephrology make it a unique practice. Services often involve fluid analysis, surgery follow-up appointments, and complex diagnostics. For your medical billing and coding team, this can lead to overly complex systems that attempt to accommodate every procedural variance. Our nephrology billing experts, specifically trained in this practice area, understand how to develop billing and coding practices that are flexible, yet efficient.


Procedures for nephrology practice management that generate positive revenue cycles includes:

  • Accurate collection of patient intake information (i.e., demographics, causal conditions, insurance details, etc.)
  • Receipt of necessary authorizations for nephrology medical care (e.g., dialysis treatment, kidney transplant, etc.)
  • Compliance with ICD-10 classifications and use of the most recent CPTs


We appreciate that outsourcing your medical billing team is a big decision that requires careful integration of systems. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with our team to get answers about how our systems can integrate smoothly into your practice and billing software.

MedConverge’s Advantage

Nephrology medical billing requires knowledge about a highly specialized area of medicine and the coding procedures that correspond to it. Hiring an office staff with those credentials can be difficult and expensive. Our nephrology billing experts deliver effective practice management protocols to keep your office running, that in turn, increases revenues from your services.

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