Like other specialties, Pediatric Billing comes with its own set of requirements. For example, vaccines are a vital part of services offered in a pediatric clinic, but not necessarily in other specialties. If vaccines are not billed and followed up on appropriately, it can lead to a significant loss of revenue for the practice. Another unique aspect to Pediatric Billing is the transition of healthcare coverage for newborns from their mothers.

Did you know that there are upto 8 codes one can use for billing a Nebulizer treatment!

MedConverge can help your practice with its Pediatric Billing needs so that you can focus on your patients. Our highly experienced team is well versed with the nuances of pediatric billing including correct application of multiple-procedure reduction in reimbursement, adherence to Medicare LCDs in all 50 states, MACRA & HEDIS based reporting, precertification protocols of managed care payers, worker’s compensation, and PIP.