Medicare Audits
Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management

3 Things You Need To Know About Medicare Audits

Healthcare facilities across the nation have or will have to face Medicare audits at some point.  Even those healthcare facilities that have done everything correctly and...
EM Coding Errors
Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management

Common Evaluation And Management (E/M) Services Coding Errors

One of the recurring problems facing healthcare facilities is incorrect coding of Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services.  The recent CERT (Comprehensive Error Testing)...
Medical Billing And Patient Collection
Medical Billing Patient Payments

8 Tips On Medical Billing And Patient Collections

One of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare practices and crucial to their very survival is medical billing and collections.  A healthy revenue cycle is important to sus...
HHS Bill

HHS ‘A Bill You Can Understand’ Challenge

Most patients and their families find it very difficult to understand their medical billing documents.  Currently, there are no established standards for consumer medical...
MedConverge Balance Billing
Medical Billing Patient Payments

8 Must-Knows for Balance Billing

Billing patients for outstanding balances after receiving the portion covered by the insurance company is known as balance billing.  This can happen if the insurance company g...
Clinical Documentation Improvement
Health Information Technology Revenue Cycle Management

Best Practices – Clinical Documentation Improvement

All healthcare facilities – irrespective of whether they are a business enterprise or a charitable institution – have to be financially viable in order to continue to provide ...
Clinical Documentation Improvement
Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management

3 Steps To Creating Your Clinical Documentation Improvement Program

Improving clinical documentation leads to revenue gains and most healthcare facilities are now exploring this program.  The main reason for getting into this program is t...