Medical Billing And Patient Collection
Medical Billing Patient Payments

8 Tips On Medical Billing And Patient Collections

One of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare practices and crucial to their very survival is medical billing and collections.  A healthy revenue cycle is important to sus...
MedConverge Balance Billing
Medical Billing Patient Payments

8 Must-Knows for Balance Billing

Billing patients for outstanding balances after receiving the portion covered by the insurance company is known as balance billing.  This can happen if the insurance company g...
Top 3 Tips for Medicare Enrollment
Patient Payments

Top 3 Tips for Medicare Enrollment

Medicare enrollment can be very confusing for those enrolling for the first time.  From being aware of the enrollment period to understanding the type of health coverage requi...
Denied Claims Management
Health Technology Patient Payments Revenue Cycle Management

Managing Denied Claims at your Medical Practice

An ongoing challenge for all hospitals, revenue cycle management requires the use of technology to keep track of claims and address issues as and when they arise.  It is ...
Myths Medical Billing
ICD-10 Medical Billing Patient Payments

Misconceptions About Medical Billing

Medical billing is an important part of your practice.  In fact, it is one of the crucial aspects, which if ignored or not handled properly, can even lead to the practice even...
practice losing money
Patient Payments Revenue Cycle Management

Where is your Medical Practice Losing Money?

Medical practices have been leaking money for some time now – increasing expenses, shrinking insurance reimbursements, and increased compliance parameters means more paperwork...
Understanding Revenue Cycle Management
Medical Billing Patient Payments Revenue Cycle Management

Understanding Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle is defined by the Healthcare Financial Management Association as “All administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and colle...
revenue cycle management
Medical Billing Patient Payments Revenue Cycle Management

Technology to the Rescue of Your Revenue Cycle

The Healthcare Industry has always been on top of the game when it comes to technological advancements and usage.  Computers, ECG machines, even artificial intelligence h...
Pt Pymts
Medical Billing Patient Payments

5 Ways to Improve Patient Payments

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) reported $212 million in bad debts for the fiscal year 2014. The numbers are not deniable – the reason for bad debt is higher de...