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The Healthcare Industry has always been on top of the game when it comes to technological advancements and usage.  Computers, ECG machines, even artificial intelligence has been integrated with leading US hospitals.  However, most of these advancements have been in the core medical practices.

It is universally known that American Healthcare has one of the most complex billing systems.  Let’s see how technology helps creating a convenient billing system.

Front Desk

The front desk or front office is the customer-facing unit at the very primary stage.  From scheduling appointments, interacting with patients, to checking insurance eligibility and checking for any outstanding balance or co-pay are amongst some of the few responsibilities of the front desk personnel.  Here are a few things which can make their work easier.

  • A modern day scheduler is a must-have for front desks. It helps in reminding the patient of the appointment in advance and thus minimizing no-shows.
  • Verifying insurance eligibility electronically can help in getting less claim denials or payment delays.
  • EDC (Electronic Data Capture) devices to capture credit card details so the patient co-pay (self-pay) is ensured.


Once the patient passes through the first stage, here’s how you can use technology to carry out the treatment without the distraction of billing concerns.

  • EMR, a boon to healthcare system. The best use of EMR is if maximum possible information is fed into it at the time of treatment and not kept for later.  This will reduce the chances of error.


Now we come to the epicenter of the system.

  • Use tools which help you update billing data in real time for submission to clearing houses.
  • Check claim status regularly.
  • Keep every minor report related to the bill saved electronically, this minimizes the chances of loss of data.

Using technology will not only make work easier but safer and quicker. For better management of your billing and data, contact us at [email protected].

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