COVID-19 Marketing

Understanding Billing Telehealth Services & How We Can Help Your Practice

The pandemic forced doctors and other practitioners to adopt telehealth to continue helping patients without exposure to the risks of COVID-19. As a result, health care provid...

Managing Accounts Receivable – How We Can Help Your Business Stay on Top

Your business needs to be operating at peak performance if it’s going to survive. This includes dealing with billing, invoices, payments, and accounts. There are a lot of nuan...
COVID-19 CPT Coding

AMA announces 2 new CPT Codes for COVID-19 Antibody Tests

The American Medical Association recently announced 2 CPT Codes for reporting COVID-19 Antibody testing: (86328 and 86769) The CPT codes and long descriptors are: 86328: Immun...

CMS Update: Telehealth Restrictions Lifted (03-17-20)

In response to the coronavirus public health emergency, CMS has broadened access to Medicare telehealth services. Click here for the Medicare Telemedicine Health Care Provider...

COVID-19 Billing: Telehealth and Other Communication-Based Technology Services

The healthcare system is adapting as quickly as possible to the COVID-19 pandemic. This involves coming up with COVID-19 codes for medical billing purposes. COVID-19 coding an...
Health Information Technology Practice Management Revenue Cycle Management

Difference between EHR and Practice Management Software

Digital record keeping is here to stay – and is evolving in leaps and bounds. The vast array of hardware and software available can be confusing to even those well versed with...
Health Information Technology Practice Management Revenue Cycle Management

Importance of Clinical Documentation Improvement

In the current healthcare scenario, every patient encounter requires to be documented – both for future reference as well as for the facility to be reimbursed for the services...
Practice Management Revenue Cycle Management

Effective Claim Denial Management Strategies

According to the AMA’s health insurer report card, denial rates of claims for major private payers ranged between 0.54% and 2.64%. At the same time, denial rates for Medicare ...
Practice Management Revenue Cycle Management

12 Tips on Reducing Patient Wait Times in the Clinic

The few picture frames on the wall showcase degrees and awards that have been bestowed a long time back. The magazines on the table are mostly journals – and old ones at that....
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CPT Coding for Dermatology

Dermatology Coding Challenges According to ‘Coding 2017 and beyond’, an article published in the Dermatology Times, dermatologists should be prepared for increased audits by M...