How to Choose the Best Medical Billing Service
Medical Billing

How to Choose the Best Medical Billing Service

When it comes to seeking medical care, most people only think about their own health or that of a loved one. However, they don’t always think about the costs associated with g...
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CPT Coding for Dermatology

Dermatology Coding Challenges According to ‘Coding 2017 and beyond’, an article published in the Dermatology Times, dermatologists should be prepared for increased audits by M...
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Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management

Why Should You Outsource Your Medical Billing

Why outsource RCM A highly challenging and demanding task, medical billing is one of the pillars on which your organization stands. Mistakes made in your medical billing can s...
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Medical Billing Medical Coding

Dermatology Coding Tips

Medical Coding With the prevalence of electronic health records (EHR), adequate and proper documentation and coding has become an important aspect of modern medicine. Although...
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Medical Billing

Clinical Laboratory Billing – Issues

Clinical Lab Billing Examination of chemical and other types of specimens taken from a human body for assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a medical condition ar...
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Medical Billing Medical Coding

Cardiology Coding and Billing

The human body is both an intricate and complex system – where each part and organ works in co-relation with the other. Medical coding and billing, though not as intricate and...
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Medical Billing

Clinical Laboratory Billing

What is a Clinical Laboratory? According to the medical dictionary a clinical laboratory is “one where examination of materials derived from the human body (such as fluids, ti...
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Billing for E & M Codes

Medical billing and coding is an important part of the healthcare business. It is not enough to just accurately diagnose and treat an illness; you also need to accurately docu...
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CPT Coding Medical Billing Medical Coding

CPT Codes for Telemedicine

Most people think ‘new technology’ when they hear the term ‘telemedicine’. However, in reality, telemedicine was developed about 5 decades ago – in order to diagnose and treat...
Medical Billing

Understanding FQHCs and FQHC Billing

The healthcare system is complicated. Healthcare professionals and institutions serve patients from different regions, backgrounds and with different finances. But every human...