AHA Report

AHA Report on Increasing Access to Care in Rural Communities

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. As Harris peered into his infant baby’s crib, tears welled up in his eyes. For the first time since his daughter was born ...
integrated care

JAMA: Integrated Care Improves Patient Outcomes & Reduces Costs

A worldwide trend in healthcare reforms and new organizational arrangements, integrated care (also known as comprehensive care, transmural care, co-ordinated care or seamless ...
customer service top

Patients Top Complaint: Customer Service

Identifying keywords from about 35,000 Google+ reviews of physicians that were most commonly associated with the rating levels given, a marketing and public relations firm for...
Flexibilities to end October 1st
ICD-10 Medical Coding News

ICD-10 Flexibilities to end October 1st

After ICD-10 went live on October 1, 2015; CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) allowed a one year grace period for ICD-10 flexibility, to overcome the strong oppo...
False Claim Act And The Healthcare Industry
News Revenue Cycle Management

False Claim Act And The Healthcare Industry

Starting August 1, 2016, the penalties under the False Claims Act (FCA) along with the Anti-Kickback Act, The Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act and a host of other Acts have ne...
HHS Survey One third Clinicians
Medical Billing News

HIMSS: One-third Clinicians still use manual Claims Denial Management

Claim submission and denial management are critical components to the revenue cycle of healthcare facilities.  As regulations are getting more stringent with the transition to...
HHS Bill

HHS ‘A Bill You Can Understand’ Challenge

Most patients and their families find it very difficult to understand their medical billing documents.  Currently, there are no established standards for consumer medical...
ICD-10- CM Code
ICD-10 News

ICD-10-CM Code (M62.84) for Sarcopenia Announced

Effective October 01, 2016, the code M62.84 will be used by the healthcare community for sarcopenia, thus recognizing it as a distinctly reportable condition.  The AIM (Aging ...
Florida Hospital Gains $72.5 Million due to Clinical Documentation
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Florida Hospital Gains $72.5 Million Courtesy its Clinical Documentation Improvement Program

Once an informal process that received significant attention at just a few hospitals; Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) is now the backbone of an organizations financia...
E-Prescribing Of Controlled Substances Mandatory In Maine

E-Prescribing Of Controlled Substances Now Mandatory In Maine

Drug addiction – a problem that most governments across the world are fighting to control, has not only become a major cause of death for the addicts, but is also responsible ...