Electronic Health Records
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Benefits of Electronic Health Records

Modern physician’s office can be bisected into two parts- the medical practice and the ton of paperwork and documentation that comes with maintaining a health care facility. E...
physician credential
Revenue Cycle Management

Effective Physician Credentialing Tips

The process of physician credentialing is an important task that a health care institution has to undertake when hiring a new doctor. It is essentially a process that entails ...
Revenue cycle management
Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management Made Easy

A successful medical practice can flourish only when it is doing well financially. Incorporating robust billing practices and ensuring the adherence to updated medical billing...
HCPCS coding
HCPCS Coding Medical Coding

A Brief Overview of HCPCS Coding

HCPCS Stands for HCPCS stands for Healthcare common Procedure Coding System, and is a standardized set of code that is used extensively by healthcare professionals and insuran...