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Medical Billing Medical Coding

Cardiology Coding and Billing

The human body is both an intricate and complex system – where each part and organ works in co-relation with the other. Medical coding and billing, though not as intricate and...
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Medical Billing

Clinical Laboratory Billing

What is a Clinical Laboratory? According to the medical dictionary a clinical laboratory is “one where examination of materials derived from the human body (such as fluids, ti...
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Medical Coding

Don’t Make These Common Medical Coding Mistakes

The hours and days spent on treating your patient all comes to naught if you are not paid for the services rendered. The satisfaction of having cured and/or saved a patient ha...
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Health Information Technology

What is Computer-Assisted Coding?

Computers are now an integral part of our daily lives – in fact it is very difficult to trace an aspect of our lives that is not touched in some form or other by computers and...