Outsourcing your Medical Billing
Medical Billing

Outsourcing your Medical Billing Services

Do you remember why you started your medical facility?  The desire to help and treat others of their ailments – wasn’t that the reason?  And yet here you are, dabbling with bi...
Medical Billing and Coding
Medical Billing

Medical Billing And and Coding Specialization

Medical Billing All medical billing and coding professionals use standardized classification systems to code the patient’s medical and care history.  However, there are m...
Reducing Medical Claim Denials
Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management

Tips On Reducing Medical Claim Denials

The ever-changing healthcare scenario is making it difficult for clinicians to manage their finances.  On one hand, the number of patients are increasing every day, while...
Medical Billing Imperative
Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management

Patient Centered Care – Redesigning Medical Billing

The biggest problem in revenue cycle management for healthcare facilities is unpaid bills for medical services provided.  The acquisition of medical debt leads to a detri...
why medical claims get denied
Medical Billing

Common Reasons For Medical Claim Denials

One of the biggest banes of healthcare revenue cycle management; denied claims are a major source of stress for healthcare facilities and have an adverse impact on the cash fl...
Myths Medical Billing
ICD-10 Medical Billing Patient Payments

Misconceptions About Medical Billing

Medical billing is an important part of your practice.  In fact, it is one of the crucial aspects, which if ignored or not handled properly, can even lead to the practice even...
Fraudulent Medical Billing
Medical Billing

Hospitals Pay to Settle Inflated Billing Lawsuit

Robert was shocked, as he read the news regarding the settlements made by the hospitals, for incorrect Kyphoplasty procedures.  He clearly remembered that day, when his m...
Understanding Revenue Cycle Management
Medical Billing Patient Payments Revenue Cycle Management

Understanding Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle is defined by the Healthcare Financial Management Association as “All administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and colle...
Medical Billing and Medical Coding
ICD-10 Medical Billing

Difference between Medical Coding and Billing

Often mistakenly assumed to be the same, medical billing and medical coding are two very distinctly separate jobs.  Although there are many similarities between the two and sm...
Increasing Medical Coder
Medical Billing

Tips on Increasing Medical Coder Productivity