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Best Guide for Modifiers in Medical Billing in 2018

An important tool in the coding process; modifiers in medical billing and modifiers in medical coding are used to further describe a service or procedure. So important are the...
EM Coding Errors
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Common Evaluation And Management (E/M) Services Coding Errors

One of the recurring problems facing healthcare facilities is incorrect coding of Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services.  The recent CERT (Comprehensive Error Testing) clai...
ICD-10- CM Code
ICD-10 News

ICD-10-CM Code (M62.84) for Sarcopenia Announced

Effective October 01, 2016, the code M62.84 will be used by the healthcare community for sarcopenia, thus recognizing it as a distinctly reportable condition.  The AIM (Aging ...
New ICD-10 Codes

5,500 New ICD-10 Codes from October 2016

The medical billing coding system is about to get larger and tougher – with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CM...
Outsourcing your Medical Billing
Medical Billing

Outsourcing your Medical Billing Services

Do you remember why you started your medical facility?  The desire to help and treat others of their ailments – wasn’t that the reason?  And yet here you are, dabbling with bi...
ICD-10 Code for ZIKA

A92.8: ICD-10 Code for ZIKA

The Zika Virus While monitoring sylvatic yellow fever in rhesus monkeys in 1947, the researchers in Uganda also identified an emerging mosquito borne virus – Zika.  In 1952, t...
Medical Billing and Coding
Medical Billing

Medical Billing And and Coding Specialization

Medical Billing All medical billing and coding professionals use standardized classification systems to code the patient’s medical and care history.  However, there are m...
Career in Medical Coding

Key Areas to Consider for a Career in Medical Coding

John is definite that he wants a career in the healthcare industry.  After all, the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country and John is s...
Understanding Revenue Cycle Management
Medical Billing Patient Payments Revenue Cycle Management

Understanding Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle is defined by the Healthcare Financial Management Association as “All administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and colle...
Medical Billing and Medical Coding
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Difference between Medical Coding and Billing

Often mistakenly assumed to be the same, medical billing and medical coding are two very distinctly separate jobs.  Although there are many similarities between the two and sm...