physician credential
Revenue Cycle Management

Effective Physician Credentialing Tips

The process of physician credentialing is an important task that a health care institution has to undertake when hiring a new doctor. It is essentially a process that entails ...
Revenue cycle management
Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management Made Easy

A successful medical practice can flourish only when it is doing well financially. Incorporating robust billing practices and ensuring the adherence to updated medical billing...
tips on physician credentialing
Revenue Cycle Management

10 Tips on Physician Credentialing

Your credentialing process needs to start well in advance if you are planning to start your own practice or bring in new doctors to your existing practice. It is important to ...
key revenue cycle metrics
Revenue Cycle Management

Are You Monitoring These Key Revenue Cycle Metrics?

Revenue cycle management throws up tons of data for tracking. However, not everything requires regular tracking and measuring. While it is important to look at all the data de...
pre planning in patient care
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Pre-planning In Patient Care Can Save Your Practice Money

Physicians educate and train themselves to practice medicine and impart health care to the populace. However, a large part of their daily lives is spent tending to administrat...
Revenue Cycle Analytics
Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Analytics Improves Claims Submissions

Healthcare revenue cycle management has undergone a radical and drastic change in the last decade. From days when most patients had $20 or so as co-payments and insurance comp...
False Claim Act And The Healthcare Industry
News Revenue Cycle Management

False Claim Act And The Healthcare Industry

Starting August 1, 2016, the penalties under the False Claims Act (FCA) along with the Anti-Kickback Act, The Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act and a host of other Acts have ne...
Outpatient Practices
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Outpatient Practices & The Fear Of RAC Audits

Ever since the RAC audit has been introduced, there is an element of fear amongst healthcare facilities with regards to the RAC program. Fuelled by rumors and myths, most of t...
RAC Audit
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RAC Audit Preparation Tips

The increase in audits has made them more of a rule than an exception.  Each year, approximately 9% of physicians undergo a RAC audit.  According to projections, wit...
Medicare Audits
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3 Things You Need To Know About Medicare Audits

Healthcare facilities across the nation have or will have to face Medicare audits at some point.  Even those healthcare facilities that have done everything correctly and...