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MedConverge helps physician practices become ICD-10 ready.

A lot of discussion has gone into how ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision) will impact physician practices, and ultimately change the face of their bottom-line.

However, what seem less debated are the possible solutions that physician practices can adopt, and do well as usual, with scope for greater quality service impact.

MedConverge has thoroughly researched the ICD-10 transition and its impact on physician practices. All through, we have helped the RCM healthcare system cope with the demands put by ICD-9.

Now, with our proven expertise and highest level of preparation, we come forward to help physician practices make significant progress towards preparing for ICD-10 implementation.

In the face of the ICD-10 implementation starting October 1st 2015, stats present a worrying picture as the reality is far from what is expected.

• As per the June 2014 survey, 75% of 5,000 AAPC members reported to make significant progress toward preparing for ICD-10 implementation

• As per eHI survey, 68% of the respondents were availing training for ICD-10 implementation

• As per the exclusive poll conducted by Medical Economics, only 38% of the physicians surveyed expressed readiness for Oct 1 deadline, and 65% wanted a delayed deadline.

MedConverge understands the complex nature of the ICD-10 that goes with submission, processing, and paying for healthcare claims. Our practice managers and administrators will help physician practices to,

• Focus on the regularly used codes of physicians

• Prepare a comprehensive listing of ICD-10 codes and their corresponding ICD-9 codes

• Develop custom physician training as per their particular practice, that will be of immediate help to doctors, with gainful help on codes they need to know about

• Document with greater clarity to meet the demand for more granular diagnosis codes. Only a proper documentation results in accurate coding

The ICD-10 transition’s poses a great challenge for physician practices, as the latter’s primary concern is with patient care than to learn ICD-10 and its documentation requirements. Any snags in coding will directly impact their practice viability and profitability.

Herein comes the crucial role and expertise of MedConverge, which meets in-total the interests of the physician practices and their patients, as well.

On a broader plane, MedConverge helps physician practices to realize the established goal of ICD-10, population management, track better diseases and diagnoses, and provide better and quality healthcare to patients.

Test-in-Advance: MedConverge offers a unique opportunity to physician practices to Test-in-Advance, to get the look and feel of our quality support on ICD-10, to meet our practice managers and administrators, and gauge the effectiveness of our training and coding practice in its totality.

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